Start in minutes

Intuitive and easy to navigate UI.

You can actually start with one click.

After you log in the platform, a new crawl test can be launched with one click of a button. Of course this is the simplest test available and it will require a starting web page, but it really can be done in a few seconds.

More advanced tests, suites, and projects will be the better option down the line.

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Fully automated

No magic involved, just nerds.

Set up tests and schedule run times.

The platform will automatically run all scheduled tests and email you if any discrepancies are found. No email - no worries.

You can still manually run all tests if you find it necessary.

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A no-code solution

You can still write some code if you insist.

Set up tests with zero lines of code.

Our no-code testing solution and easy-to-use interface is equally suitable for QA experts, developers, and business owners with low to no technical experience. Use your mouse or touchpad to select test steps from a list of commands, we will take care of the code.

If you still prefer to code, you can! You can set up and edit tests in JSON format and use the more advanced tools at your disposal.

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Zero experience required

No integrations. No scripts. No code.

Never used visual testing? No problem.

You know your product. Test it like a real user interacts with it. Fill forms, click elements, scroll and more. UI testing is meant to simulate real user behavior.

If you ever feel stuck, check the user manual and guides in the platform for help.

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