Meet the team

Hi there!

A few words about us

We are a team of passioned tech nerds with a simple goal: A better web! We appreciate a good design and UI/UX as both users and creators of content.

Alexandra Turica team card image

< Alexandra Turica />

QA Engineer

Responsible for detecting, troubleshooting bugs and errors, and documenting test cases.

A Romanian girl living in Santa's country, human to six furbabies. Harry Potter fan by night, bug exterminator by day, and beginner crocheter occasionally. Loves consistency, however her hair is always a different colour and length.

Yordan Nenov team card image

< Yordan Nenov />

Co-founder and CEO

Building the vision and guiding the development of the platform. A decade in web design and frond-end development, hence the drive to create and scale the company.

A husband, and a father. Loves front-end development and coding in general. Music junky. A firm believer that peach is a fruit and not a colour.

Alexandar Valov team card image

< Alexandar Valov />

Front-end developer

Crafting the front-end and ensuring the highest design standards are met throuought all touchpoints.

Studying software engineering at the university of Plovdiv and embarking on the design and front-end development journey. Proponent of hands-on experience as a learning technique. Prefers sleeping over clubbing. Imagine that.

Damyan Stanchev team card image

< Damyan Stanchev />

Co-founder, interim CTO, Advisor

Heading the development and designing the architecture behind the platform. Oversees technical operations and brings complex ideas to live. Developed a full ad-tech ecosystem from scratch in a previous start-up.

The car guy. Likes phone and drone photography. Proponent of healthy living and surprisingly good cook.

Martin Stoev team card image

< Martin Stoev />

Co-founder, Head of strategy, Advisor

Serial entrepreneur with 13 years of experience and a successful previous exit. Physics degree from Cambridge University, giving back to academia by founding, sponsoring, and running

Fancies tackling hard problems with no apparent solutions. Enjoys racing, overlanding, dirtbiking, paragliding, and flying drones. Likes dogs.