Start in two steps

Onboarding and platform revamp.

We believe testing should be accessible and employed by both technical and non-technical teams.

With that in mind, we revamped the onboarding process over the last weeks. Reducing the initial setup to two simple steps. Paste the link to your website and click "Run". Buglab will create a sitemap with screenshots of each page and automatically re-run a weekly scheduled test for you.

start-in-two-steps blog image

Suppose this is everything you need - great. You did it in a few clicks. If you on the other hand require more detailed and specific UI testing cases covered, feel free to create and customise Projects and Suites for your testing needs.

We've added an easy-to-use Dashboard with all essential information in one place for easy access and shortcuts to all major functionalities.

Don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions and advice. We are actively listening.

< Yordan Nenov, Co-founder and CEO />